Welcome to the official website of Rubya Designated District Hospital (RDDH). The Hospital is situated in Kagera Region in North West Tanzania . Kagera is boarded by Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West and Lake Victoria to the East. Rubya is the Designated Hospital for Muleba District. Muleba District covers an area of approximately 2500 square kilometers with a total population of 386,320 in habitants in 2002 census.


Newly renovated Out Patients Department (OPD)  building with 

  1. Registration and documentary department.
  2. An equipped Diabetic and Hypertension room.
  3. An equipped Minor Theatre.
  4. Laboratory services.
  5. An equipped Emergency medicine OPD room.
  6. OPD dispensing pharmacy room. 
  7. 5 consultation rooms.
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