Rubya Hospital is situated in Kagera Region in North West Tanzania . Kagera is boarded by Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West and Lake Victoria to the East. Rubya is the Designated Hospital for Muleba District. Muleba District covers an area of approximately 2500 square kilometers with a total population of 386,320 in habitants in 2002 census. 

Background Summary

The hospital was opened in 1956 by the Fransciscan Sisters of Breda from the Netherlands,all these were under Bukoba Catholic diocese. It gradually developed from a small Pre-existing dispensary with 20 maternity beds run by the Bukoba Diocese. Over the years the complex was expanded until it reached its present shape.. Since then Rubya Hospital has consisted of a main building containing Theatre, X-ray room, Pharmacy and offices. Besides there are seven wards: Male ward, Female ward, Children ward, Top ward, Maternity ward Private ward and Nutrition Unity.  There is a separate outpatient department containing Laboratory and a separate unity for mother and child health. 
Next to the Hospital there are relative quarters with a small market where daily earnings are done.  Most of the medical staff and Nursing staff live in the Hospital premises.

In 1977 the Hospital became the Designated District Hospital of Muleba District. This means that a major part of running costs of the hospital are paid by the government, based on 162 official beds. The Hospital remained under the ownership of Bukoba Catholic Diocese. Since 1977 patient were treated free of charge, but in February 1994 cost sharing was started as stipulated by the government.

Our Mission

To become the best health care provider in Kagera Region.

Our Vision

To provide comprehensive health care through curative and preventive  services with the help of Jesus Christ the Healer.

Our Goal

To offer high quality health care to the beneficiaries/ client at affordable cost.


Newly renovated Out Patients Department (OPD)  building with 

  1. Registration and documentary department.
  2. An equipped Diabetic and Hypertension room.
  3. An equipped Minor Theatre.
  4. Laboratory services.
  5. An equipped Emergency medicine OPD room.
  6. OPD dispensing pharmacy room. 
  7. 5 consultation rooms.
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