The Netherlands

The foundation was started in 1996 by the Dutch doctors who have all been working in Rubya Hospital since 1963.
The aim of the foundation is to support Rubya Hospital, without being responsible for the day to day running of the hospital.
This is done by supporting projects in the hospital financially such as training of staff and construction and rehabilitation of buildings. For this purpose benefactors are contacted in the Netherlands. All board members work in their free time and pro deo. The hospital is visited by board members regularly.
The board of the foundation: chairman is doctor Fons Mathot, secretary is mrs. Marijke Kool, treasurer is mr. Wim Mathot; members are doctor Guus Bruins, doctor Erik de Vries, doctor Lamiek Westerhof. Technical advisor is mr. Jacques Hulsbergen.

The picture shows those present during the General meeting in June 2014:

Standing from left to right:
Mr. Wim Mathot, mr. Mathijs de Bont, mrs. Marieke van Schijndel, mr. Michel Marijnen (representing sisters of Breda), mr. Anton van Schijndel, mr. Jacques Hulsbergen, doctor Gerda van Pelt (1979-1981), mrs. Maud Schlosser, doctor Ton Schlosser (1975), Sr. Theodosia Visser, doctor Lamiek Westerhof (1995-2001), mr. Bert Blokhuis (ICT), mrs. Jenny Bovendorp (X-ray), doctor Woet Gianotten (1969-1972), doctor Fons Mathot (1975-1978) and mrs. Erica Mathot.

Seated from left to right:
Doctor Guus Bruins (1995-2001), miss Nikita van Schijndel, mrs. Marijke Kool (1982-1986), doctor Fia Rijneke (1978-1982, 2002-2003), Sr. Maria Goretti van Schendel, Sr. Mediatrix Koenraad, mrs. Erna Gianotten, doctor Erik de Vries (1978-1982, 2002-2003) and mr. Maarten de Natris (website).



Newly renovated Out Patients Department (OPD)  building with 

  1. Registration and documentary department.
  2. An equipped Diabetic and Hypertension room.
  3. An equipped Minor Theatre.
  4. Laboratory services.
  5. An equipped Emergency medicine OPD room.
  6. OPD dispensing pharmacy room. 
  7. 5 consultation rooms.
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